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Ica Nazca Paracas

Ica’s deserts are a box of surprises, as Nazca Lines a big mystery, which still does not have a clear explanation, because the stylized drawings of animals, only can be saw from the air, and opposite to pacific ocean, el Candelabro, gigantic figure in bas-relief, it is another enigma to discover; also The pre-Hispanic legacy has two archaeological surprising vestiges; Cahuachi, a series of pyramids where have been founded textiles painted to hand; and Cantayoc aqueducts of stone in the desert, that still are used. Ica also is full of surprises and delicacies expressed in its glorious tradition of Grappa and wines, you will visit vineyards in the suburbs of the city, where he will learn about production of Pisco and taste a variety of them, nearby Ica the Huacachina Oasis, located in the middle of beautiful tropical palms surrounded by impressive dunes. Here the visitors will be able to enjoy a beautiful natural landscape, and also there will be able to experiment one of the most popular sports of last times, the Sandboarding. Paracas’s national reserve is one of the wild life refuges of Peruvian coast, favorite place of marine wolves, Humboldt penguins, Flemings and paradisiac beaches; Paracas is a place of impressive beauty and natural landscape that worth to visit.

Tour Ballestas Islands 2 days / 1 night

Tour Ballestas Islands 2 days / 1 night

Tour attributes Guaranteed departures Guaranteed extensions to extend your journey Services in group Complete discovery of Ballestas Island  and Paracas National Reserve Hotels selected...

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