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City surrounded by mystery that few ones knows, its beauty streets, the colorful patios of house decorated with orchids. Chachapoyas has the architectonic environment of a highland metropolis, but however it smells a jungle. nearby and with the same vital force of Machupicchu, the two thousand years of Kuelap, its outer walls of twenty meters of height and its wainscots of stone make of this citadel the emblematic symbol of Chachapoyas Culture, throughout Uckubamba river there are hundreds of archeological sites, riches comparable only with Cusco, are specially the monuments that they have left, to cult the dead people, the mausoleums and tombs hanging from the abysses, like the sarcophaguses of Karajira. The potters are in Huancas, the spinners in Colcamar, the tradition in Jalca grande and cheeses, yogurts in Leimebamba town that host Mallqui Museum, where it exhibits beautiful funerary bundles and other cultural riches discovered at the condor lake.

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