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Cajamarca, countryside of noble Andean heart, with fields of green pasture land, the best bovine cattle, cheeses and the bigger lactic production of the country, is the scene of a charming city, Cajamarca is unlovable to visit its tri-centenarian Cathedral, the Belen Church, or the famous room rescue, where Inca Atahualpa paid his expensive ingenuousness with gold and silver of inappreciable value, all of them in the down town, outside of town we found great places like; The Inca restrooms, Ventanillas de Otuzco archeological site, the Porcon farm forest, where vicunas and deer run, or the colored peasant villages of Celendín and Llacanora, the amazing stone forest of Cumbemayo that contains petroglyphs and aqueducts in a waste of exquisite history and culture.

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